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Norman Reedus Fiction
Misspoken Words 
15th-Jun-2008 02:31 pm
Team Interpol: Agent
Just a little schmoopy/angsty story that was started when I asked for prompts from my beta.

Rating: PG-13 for language

Pairing: Sean and Norman (duh!)

Summary: It's the boy's monthly movie-marathon day and through a little miscommunication it doesn't go as planned.

“What movies are we watching today?” Norman said, smiling up at his Master from his seat the floor.

Sean looked away from the script he was reading, “Whatever you want pet, just no thrillers or horrors.”

The answer received a concealed pout from his sub. Sean knew they were Norman’s favorite, but they couldn’t risk it tonight.

Once a month Sean and Norman wasted a whole day catching up on new releases. It was a much needed treat to cuddle on the couch, eat junk food and simply be lazy. Sean had been looking forward to this month’s movie day for several weeks, both of them had been working nonstop and their stress levels were steadily climbing.

“Why no thrillers or horrors?” Norman asked, wiggling closer to rest his head against Sean’s leg.

The question earned an eye roll and Sean dropped his hand to card through his lover’s dark hair. “Do you remember what happens when you watch horror movies that you haven’t seen before?” Unfortunately Sean remembered it very well, and his eye twitched at the memory.

“I don’t sleep very well?” Norman’s reply was barely audible against his leg.

Raising an eyebrow at the daft reply, he gently tugged on the hair under his hand. “That’s the understatement of the week.”

The younger man’s eyes raked over Sean’s lap, up over his torso to finally meet his Master’s eyes with a hopeful expression.

Noticing Norman’s gaze, Sean patted the couch cushion beside him.

Norman gracefully eased himself onto the couch, his head ending up in Sean’s lap. “How so?” he murmured.

Sean formed his answer carefully, despite having this conversation several times before, still stroking the dark silk of his lover’s hair..

“Norman, I ended up with a black eye, a bruised hip and scratch marks across my stomach. Let’s not forget the smack to my balls either.” Despite the teasing tone, Sean still had to fight a wince at the memory.

The makeup girls at the scene of the Dead Zone had had a fit at the black eye and the director was not happy with the fact that he could move neither fast nor gracefully.

“I said I was sorry.” His lover’s tone, while mostly apologetic, still held a flippant undertone. A flush crept into Norman’s pale skin and he shifted away from Sean on the couch.

Feeling the change in Norman’s body, Sean dropped the script in his hand to the ground. Placing a flat hand against his lover’s chest, the Sean coaxed Norman back down into his lap.

He waited until the other man was lying down again before speaking. “Baby,” Sean warned, not wanting to rehash the old argument, “I’m not mad at you for it, you had no idea the original version of The Shining was going to give you nightmares.”

One thing Sean loved about Norman was the younger man’s ability to keep him on his toes by being completely angelic one moment, submitting perfectly to him, and a complete stubborn ass the next moment. He could see the defiant attitude creeping forward, one look at his lover’s eyes told him Norman was trying to keep the attitude at bay. He really didn’t want to start an argument today knowing they had to be up early to meet with Troy Duffy about Boondock Saints II.

“Norman are we going to have a problem?” He didn’t usually use his lover’s name, in any form, unless he was frustrated, and his hand tightened in the sable locks in case Norman’s name wasn’t enough of a warning.

Slowly shaking his head in response Norman lifted his eyes to Sean’s, silently offering an apology to his Master. Sean immediately relaxed his grip and resumed his previous stroking. It didn’t take long for the tension to seep out of the younger man’s body, his eyes drifting shut in pleasure.

As Sean studied his lover’s features he noticed a few more stress lines around Norman’s eyes, something he told himself to ask Norman about later on, a dull pain in the back of his head distracted his thoughts as he sat with his lover

Letting Norman relax, Sean’s mind drifted back to another time this same discussion had caused them to fight, the wounds still felt fresh in his heart even though it had happened quite a few years ago. Sean knew mentioning the whole nightmare issue, and the resulting beating was likely to start a tiff between them.

It was one of the few times in their eight year Dominate/submissive relationship that Sean realized exerting his dominance over Norman would only make things worse, the point made perfectly clear when he found Norman’s collar on the landing of the stairs. It killed him to have to step back to their previous lifestyle and remind Norman that they were always equal no matter what, it was something he made sure Norman understood, it also was the only way their relationship would stay strong and work. They had been lovers for two years before they decided to alter their relationship, and the previous year they had held a commitment ceremony with friends and family.
The last time they had fought over the movies, Norman had refused to come to bed for several days, instead storming out of their bedroom and downstairs to sleep on the couch. Despite it not being the first time they had this argument, it was one of the worst fights they’d ever had.

If they hadn’t been fighting Sean would have been forced to punish Norman for the disrespect. Unfortunately this wasn’t a matter of being submissive; it was far more serious than that. It had been, he realized later, a breakdown of communication, a bottling up of feelings that should have been out in the open a long a time.

It totally baffled Sean to as why the topic kept coming up. The thing that completely irritated him about the argument was how sensitive Norman was about it even though it happened over three years ago. Especially considering Norman had hurt him and Sean was the one who had to tape a show the next day. But when Norman held a grudge he was as stubborn as a mule. There wasn’t anyway to break his lover’s tough exterior. It didn’t help that Sean was just as stubborn and unwilling to be the first to smooth things over.

The house had never been so quiet, neither man speaking to the other; instead they went through several pads of sticky notes. Some of the notes were cruel and completely uncalled for and later, after they made up, Sean found all the used post it notepads shoved so far back into the hide-a-desk that he was amazed he found them at all. Love this imagery.

Several days after the argument had started, Sean had stood in the door of Norman’s studio, watching his lover’s slumped posture as the younger man painted.

He could tell from the tension in Norman’s back that his lover wasn’t sleeping well, and Sean knew for a fact Norman hadn’t been eating in the last couple of days. Not wanting to startle the artist, he pitched his voice low and called the other man’s name.

He was there to apologize and give his lover his forgiveness, once again, for what was clearly an accident. After all it’s not like Norman was awake at all when he inflicted his pain.

As he opened his mouth to apologize Sean watched Norman climbed off his seat, obviously having heard his name, and his lover came to kneel in front of him, just out of touching distance, with his head bowed. Slowly Norman raised his eyes to Sean’s asking for permission to speak, which Sean granted by dropping to his knees and pulling Norman flush against his body, forehead against forehead.

Norman had closed his eyes, breaths ragged. Just as Sean had thought the younger man wasn’t going to say anything, and had opened his mouth to speak, uttering a heartfelt apology at the same time Norman whispered one of his own.

His lover also pleaded for Sean’s forgiveness, which he gave willingly. They had spent the night in each other’s arms and in the morning Sean had re-collared Norman without being asked and Norman had thanked him properly for it’s return.

Sean had thought things were fine as they had slipped back into their D/s relationship the next morning. Sean took things slowly, coddling Norman and not demanding too much from him until a week later Norman blatantly told him that he wasn’t going to break and would he quit treating him with kid gloves. After that life went back to being normal.

Norman had received a spanking right there in the kitchen for his boldness, then again on the bench in front of the big bay window, where anyone could walk past and see. Thankfully they were on several acres of land and the gardeners were the only ones that could possibly see Norman’s ass, which quickly turned a beautiful shade of red.

Norman shifted against Sean’s hand, reminding him that they were here again, the same stupid argument ruining their normally happy energy. He knew he had diverted the argument and he forced his body to relax, dropping his head back to rest against the couch. ‘I fucking hate this,’ he thought to himself.

Sean didn’t felt Norman move until the younger man’s hands were shoving his shoulders into the back of the couch. He looked up and saw too many emotions to decipher flickering over Norman’s face, before anger settled behind his lover’s eyes.

“What the hell Norman?” He watched the younger man’s eyes grow dark, a mixture of hatred and hurt.

“How could you say that after all we’ve been through?” Norman’s voice was barely above a whisper, a slight tremble running through his words.

“How could I say what?” Sean asked, dumbfounded, he hadn’t spoken since the younger man had lain down in his lap.

“You know what you fucking said.” The hurt in the younger mans voice hit Sean in the stomach as he watched Norman turn away from him, shoving to his feet..

Staring as his lover paced, Sean didn’t know if he should sit and wait for the rant that he knew would start any second, or get up and try to comfort the other man.

He opted for the second choice. His normally calm and collected lover was acting completely irrational, and Sean wanted to get to the bottom of it.

“Baby please sit down. Talk to me. Tell me what I said.” Sean kept his voice low, trying not to show the confusion and frustration he felt.

Norman whirled around, eyes shining with unshed tears, “Quit playing the oblivious card Sean, if you hate me so much then why the fuck keep me around? “

The heartache he felt from the look in Norman’s eyes caused him to step back and he had to take a deep breath before he could speak again.

“Hate you? Why would you think that?”

“You just said it, you fucking hate me.” The words were spat at Sean’s face, Norman was close enough he blurred in Sean’s vision, yet the tear tracks on his pup’s face were clear.

“Norman what the hell gave you that idea?” He took a chance and placed a hand on Norman’s hip and started rubbing.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” Norman whirled away from Sean, stepping out of his reach.

Sean was at a complete loss and he thought back over the last five minutes, his hand in Norman’s hair, Norman’s eyes closed and him finally relaxing. He knew he was rehashing old memories, they weren’t exactly pleasant either. He remember thinking he hated this fight, hated constantly rehashing the stupidity of the argument, but there was no way he’d hate Norman for it, he couldn’t ever hate his husband.

“Norman, baby, are you sure you weren’t drifting off to sleep and thought you heard me say something?”

“I know what I heard Sean, and I want to know why you said it.” Norman’s thumb was now being pressed against his front teeth, hard.

Out of habit Sean stepped forward to pull the digit out of Norman’s mouth, but stopped himself before he touched the other man.

“Will you please sit on the couch with me so we can talk about this?” The confusion and fluctuating emotions from one extreme to another, was starting to wear on him. He couldn’t say it enough, he really fucking hated this argument.

Without waiting for an answer, Sean sat at the far end of the couch, waiting for Norman and giving him the space he needed. His head was in his hands and a few moments later he felt the couch dip as Norman sat down.

“Norman this fight is getting worse and more ridiculous every time we have it. We have to end this once and for all, I can’t keep wondering if some day you’re going to have enough of it and walk out of here.” Swallowing hard he pressed his thumb and forefinger against the bridge of his nose, trying to keep the migraine that threatened to blossom behind his eyes at bay.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” It took a second for Norman’s words to register as he felt Norman get up and walk into the kitchen. Sean laid down, curling his long legs up as far as they would go, the migraine was coming in full throttle and he knew he’d have to take the medication that always made him feel hung over the next day.

Sean heard Norman’s feet padding across the carpet and to the couch, where he was curled into a ball. “Sean can you roll over onto your back or do you want me to help you?” The mere thought of moving made the pain in his head intensify.

“Hurts.” Sean murmured, “So bad.”

“Baby you can’t take your meds curled up on your side; you have to sit up for me.” Sean could hear the pleading in Norman’s voice and he was thankful that his pup didn’t whine and kept his voice to a whisper.

“Rub me.” Sean begged and thrust his hand in the direction of Norman’s voice, any other time the plea would cause the two men much amusement, but this time Sean meant the pressure point between his thumb and forefinger.

The moment Norman started rubbing said pressure point, spikes of pain to shot up his arm, causing him to cry out and jerk his hand away from the other man. His eyes shot open making the pain worse and causing his stomach to lurch from the intensity of it all.

“Jesus Christ Sean, sit the fuck up right now. The sooner you get the medicine in you the quicker you can sleep this off.” Norman didn’t wait for a response before Sean felt himself being moved to an upright position. Wincing, he pulled away from Norman, only to have a sharp spike of pain make him fall back against his lover.

“Open your mouth.” Sean obeyed, and Norman placed the quick dissolving pill onto his tongue. A cool glass of water was pressed into his hand.

“Come on Sean just a little bit of water.”

Drinking a few sips slowly he let out a pained sighed and handed the glass towards the direction he thought Norman was in. Thankfully he must have aimed in the right direction because the glass disappeared and he settled back against Norman.

His puppy moved him gently, careful not to jar him, until he was comfortably arranged against Norman. “That’s it Master, just relax, let me take care of you.” The soft cooing mixed with the potent medication was lulling him into sleep; the last thing he felt was Norman’s soft lips against his head, followed by a chilled cloth.

Sean didn’t know how long he’d been sleeping. He rubbed the back of his hands over his eyes before he opened them. Stretching, he took a few moments to orient himself . When it all came back he groaned and buried his head under a pillow, the pillow that was acting as a substitute for his lover.

“Baby?” he would have sworn his mouth had ten pounds of cotton in it.

“Right here Sean.” His lover walked in carrying a tray full of food and drinks, which he placed on the table in front of the couch. “Is your head still hurting?”

Reaching out Sean grasped Norman’s hand and pulled his puppy next to him on the couch. “I feel like I’ve been on a week long bender. Either that or I’ve been locked up in room with a bunch of children drummers who used me for practice.”

A soft chuckle came from Norman as he wrapped his arms around him, “But your head’s not hurting?”

“No, but my stomach’s ticked off, my jaw and teeth hurt and I feel like I could drink a case of water.” Despite not having a migraine anymore Sean still couldn’t speak above a whisper, his throat was scratchy and he couldn’t seem to get the cotton out of his mouth.

“Here drink this.” Norman squirmed around until he could reach the water bottle on the table. “Slowly though, you don’t want to upset your stomach.”

“Like I upset you?” The guilt covered words were spoken as a fact and nothing more.

Norman buried his head in Sean’s shoulder and the older man could feel the heat of embarrassment coloring his lover’s cheeks. Sean waited until he finished his water before recapping it and tossing it to the floor. Turning his head he pressed a kiss to Norman’s neck before lifting his puppy’s head so they could look each other in their eyes.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about pup, my migraine must have been further along than I thought. I probably mixed up my thoughts and spouted two things at once. Just next time ask me to clarify it before you jump to conclusions okay?” He rubbed a thumb slowly across Norman’s cheek, while raining kisses over Norman’s face.

Norman nodded slowly as Sean stroked his lover’s neck, earning a soft huff from the younger man.

“What’s wrong puppy?” His voice was soft as his hands traced small circles on Norman’s back.

“I hate when we fight.”

“Yeah me too baby, me too.”

“I never meant to hurt you that night. I don’t know why that ‘Shining’ movie bothered me so much, it’s not like I hadn’t read the book before. I knew what was coming when they opened that shower curtain.” A faint shudder went through Norman’s body and Sean wrapped his arms around his lover.

“If it makes you feel any better I hate the scene with the twins.” he admitted softly.

“Yeah I noticed.” Norman let out a faint chuckle as he snuggled closer to his Master.

Sean let his eyes drift close as he shifted to get more comfortable, leaning further back into the couch and pulling Norman further onto his lap and closer against him. He hated that it took a migraine to get them to stop fighting. If he thought about it both he and Norman had been overly stressed the past few weeks and instead of talking about it they bottled it all up until this morning when they fought.



“Rub me?” The request made Sean snicker, as he pulled one hand off of Norman’s back and moved it forward between them to rest softly on his lover’s cock.

“I don’t know if I should, after all I’m the one with a headache.”

A raised eyebrow with a smirk only proved Sean a liar and he knew it.

“Whoops! That's not what I meant to say!” Norman’s laughter vibrated against Sean’s neck.

“Oh really puppy? What was it that you meant to say?” Teasing Norman’s cock between his fingers he frowned when he realized Norman wasn’t hard. Pulling his hand out from between them, he pulled Norman’s head away from his shoulder.

“Baby what’s wrong?”

Sean studied the younger man’s face, noticing the blood shot eyes and tired lines around Norman’s dark eyes. Cupping his lover’s face in his hands, Sean kissed Norman’s lips gently, seeking entrance with his tongue, moaning when it was granted.

Slowly exploring Norman’s mouth, soaking up everything his lover had to offer, he poured as much love as he could into that one kiss.

Norman pulled away first, panting as he caught his breath. “Love you.”

“Love you too pup.” Sean rested his forehead against Norman’s and frowned when felt how clammy he was. “Baby, are you getting sick?”

Norman shrugged in reply, avoiding Sean’s eyes.

“Norman, how long have you been feeling like this?”

“Started feeling a bit off yesterday afternoon.” The mumbled response was accompanied by Norman’s thumb going straight to his mouth.

“Quit chewing on your thumb pet. Come on upstairs, we’ll run a hot bath and soak for a bit.” He glanced at the clock and noticed it was early evening, he must have been asleep for several hours, yet he felt like he could sleep another twelve hours. Sean scooted Norman off his lap and stood up, taking his pet’s hand into his.

“Sorry Master.” Eyes downcast, Norman started fidgeting while he waited for Sean to lead him upstairs.

“Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t feeling well, especially when I had my head too far up my ass to notice?” His voice was harsher than he meant and he could feel Norman shrinking back from him as he headed for the stairs.

“Didn’t want you to cancel the meeting with Duffy tomorrow.” Sean stopped suddenly at Norman’s response, turning around he picked his lover’s chin up, looking him in the eye.

“Don’t worry about that, your health is more important. Duffy can come here instead tomorrow afternoon. Might be better anyways, I don’t think I can stand going to a crowded place tomorrow.” Sean pulled Norman into a hug, kissing the top of his head before continuing. “Do you feel okay enough to start the bath? I’ll be up in a few minutes.”

Norman nodded softly, “Yes Sir, I should be able too.”

“All right, go up and run the bath water, make it comfortable for you okay?” Sean saw Norman nod in response and turn towards the stairs. “Any movies in specific you want me to bring up?”

“Boondock please.”

“Didn’t you watch it while I slept?”

“Ummm no, it’s in the kitchen, I was going to put it on out there so the noise didn’t wake you but I got distracted cleaning up from breakfast.” Norman’s voice was steadily growing weaker as he talked.

“Upstairs, now, pet.” With one last comforting hug he sent Norman on his way, but not before removing his collar and receiving a confused look from Norman. “It’s okay, just go ahead upstairs I’ll be up after I call Duffy and grab a few things.”

Sean watched as Norman disappeared up the stairs before heading to the kitchen to grab some more juice and fruit for Norman, along with the Boondock DVD and a few others of Norman’s favorite movies. Heading upstairs he made a promise to himself to pay closer attention to his lover and not let him get so stressed out to the point of getting sick.

For now though he was looking forward to a warm bath with his husband and then snuggling up close and watching movies for the remainder of the night, he didn’t even care if he ended up getting sick.

15th-Jun-2008 10:01 pm (UTC)
They are so precious! I love how they take care of eachother *gets all sappy*
16th-Jun-2008 01:05 am (UTC)
I needed schmoopy sappiness. :D

I actually sat and wrote it in one shot, then promptly fell asleep an hour so later. :D *snicker* (that was at 5:30 am that I fell asleep. *eeeeeep*)

I'm glad you enjoyed it love. *Smooch*
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